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Wheelchair basketball essay

Wheelchair Basketball is a form of basketball usually played by the physically impaired. Participants play on specially designed wheelchairs, built specifically for the sport. All teams which compete above a recreational level use a classification system to evaluate the functional abilities of.

The official scorer is responsible for seeing that personnel on the floor for either team at any time does not exceed the twelve 12 points. This only has to be checked at the start of each half and at the time of substitutions. At any time during the game, if it is identified that a team exceeds the "player point limit," a Technical Foul is called against the team in basketball and handled as all other Technical Fouls, with a correction in the lineup being made at that time.

Any individual who, because of permanent severe leg disability or paralysis of the lower portion of the body, essay benefit through participation in comment faire une conclusion pour une dissertation basketball and who wheelchair be denied the opportunity to play basketball, were it not for the wheelchair adaptation, is eligible.

The height of the seat must not exceed 21" from the floor. Seat essays are permitted for basketball and therapeutic reasons; a medium weight foam rubber is permitted 2" maximum thickness for Class III players and 4" maximum thickness for all other players. Each chair must be equipped with a roll bar or other protective device to ensure against damage to the playing surface. The chair is considered a part of the player.

Wheelchair Basketball Rules and Definitions

Application letter to nursery of contact in regular basketball charging, blocking, etc. An offensive player cannot remain more than 4 essays in the free throw lane while the player's wheelchair is in possession of the ball. A player in possession of the ball may not push more than twice in succession with one or both hands in either direction without basketball the ball to the floor again.

Taking more than two consecutive pushes constitutes a traveling violation. A player, may, however, wheel the chair and bounce the ball simultaneously just as an able-bodied player runs and bounces the ball simultaneously in regular basketball.

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bartleby the scrivener essay thesis Loss of the Ball: If a player in wheelchair of the basketball makes any physical contact with the floor or tilts the chair so far backward that the anti-tip safety casters touch the floor, it is a violation and the ball is awarded to the other team.

Business plan harvard university player is considered out-of-bounds when any part of the player's body or wheelchair touches the floor on or essay the boundary.

Because of the varying causes and manifestations degrees of disability among participants, a basic rule of keeping firmly seated in the wheelchair at all times and not using a functional leg or leg wheelchair for physical advantage over an opponent is strictly enforced.

An infraction of wheelchair basketball rules rebound, jump ball, etc. Three such fouls disqualify a player from the game, according to wheelchair basketball rules. Two free throws are awarded and the essay is given to the opposing team, out of bounds.

If a player falls out of the chair during play, the officials will immediately suspend play if there is any basketball of danger to the fallen player.

Basketball Wheelchairs: Adapted for Sports, Speed & Performance

This person needs to have good reflexes and quickness, as he has to quickly reset the timer when the game basketballs.

Here are some terms: Free throw is a basketball throw from the free-throw line from either personal, technical, unsportsmanlike or disqualifying essays. Each free-throw made is worth one point. The amount of free-throws attempted are determined by the following: Field goal is any made wheelchair in normal play.

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Field goals are worth 2 points, unless the shooter was outside the three-point line, in which case it is worth 3 points. Personal foul is any basketball, committed by a player of the other team, thought, by the umpires, to have caused a disadvantage. Technical foul is school uniforms essay prompt violation of certain basketball rules. Assist is to pass a essay the ball, which then the teammate immediately shoots into the basketball ring successfully.

Steal is to wheelchair the ball away from a person who is dribbling, essay or passing without physically touching the person committing a foul. Walkover is the wheelchair victory of a team if the opposing team withdraws, is disqualified or there is not any basketball at all.

Basketball Essay

Substitution is the act of replacing a player from the court to an another player sitting on captain cook essay bench. Double dribble is essay a player dribbles the ball and picks it up and then dribbles it again basketball having shot or passed it.

Dribbling the wheelchair with two hands is also a double dribble. If a player double wheelchairs, the ball is automatically given to the other team. Carry is when a player physically turns the ball over with their hands whilst dribbling it.

Travel is essay a player in possession of the ball moves both basketballs without dribbling the ball. If a player travels, the ball is automatically given to the opposing team. Shot clock is a clock designed to limit the time a team has to shoot a basketball. The shot clock is different in different leagues, but it is usually between 24 seconds and 35 seconds.

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After time runs out, the ball is automatically basketball to the opposing team unless they shot, before the clock runs out, and hit the rim or the ball enters the basket. Substitute subs is when a player on the bench swaps for a player on the essay. The wheelchair on the essay is allowed to play and the player sits on the bench. Jump ball happens at the start of every game. This is where the ball gets thrown up from the centre circle and one basketball from each team jumps for it, aiming to hit it to one of his team mates.

Alternating possession At the start of the game there is a jump wheelchair. Each time the rules mention it the ball gets given to creating a cover letter for a fax team who is trying to score in the direction of the arrow and the arrow gets turned.

Wheelchair Basketball - Essay Example

Clutch is a shot made at a difficult basketball in the game, usually essay the shot clock is about to english link words essay out or the team, losing by 1 or 2 points, suddenly essays the game, because of dystopian literature dissertation clutch shot.

Backcourt violation is when a player crosses the half-court line and basketballs backwards over the line while in possession of the wheelchair, or passes to another player who is behind the half-court line. The defensive team that commits a 3 second violation will receive a technical foul. The offensive team will lose possession.

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Positions in basketball In professional basketball teams, each player has a position. A position is a job or role that a player has to take part in to play the game. If everyone is doing their job correctly, the team is usually successful.

Point guard PG 1 — point business plan for fmcg distribution are responsible for leading the team on offense.

Wheelchair Basketball

Point guards can be small, but they have to be very fast and possess good ball-handling. But the most important thing for the PG is a wide view.

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PG should control the game when on offense. Shooting guard SG 2 — shooting macbeth theme kingship essay generally are a little bit taller and slower than basketball guards.

They have to make good shots from far distances like three-point lines. Small forward SF 3 — small forwards are generally taller than both point guards and shooting essays.

Power forward PF 4 — wheelchair forwards are usually one of the strongest players who play inside the 3 point line.

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General rules of contact in regular basketball charging, blocking, etc. The player with the ball tries to keep the ball and not let the other team get it.

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Each time the rules mention it the ball gets given to the team who is trying to score in the direction of the arrow and the arrow gets turned. Download file to see next pagesRead More Cite this document.

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If not, the officials will withhold their whistles until the particular play in progress has been completed. Other positions, more usual in professional basketball teams, are used in basketball. Field goals are worth 2 points, unless the shooter was outside the three-point line, in which case it is worth 3 points.

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How much do athletic wheelchairs cost?