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Research paper on wireless home security system

Home security systems consist a constantly, year after year, developing research field. Some of these systems are limited to support basic Home Automation Devices Belong to the IoT World.

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17:39 Tojamuro:
This is primarily due to the technology used in the devices and the delivery of data through the wires.

19:10 Brall:
Home security systems often use passive infrared sensors which react to movement, magnetic sensors placed on the windows, doors, garage doors the sensor excitation triggers the alarmglass break detectors, and panic buttons. Home security systems are now widely available and can easily be installed to any homes. Many systems allow users to arm and disarm the security system from a web-enabled device, a smartphone, or a key fob, but there are also companies that include additional functions such as control over thermostat settings and house lighting via mobile access.