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Supply teacher cover letter ontario

Apr 25,  · It’s that time of year again: student teachers are graduating and looking for jobs, and supply teachers & LTOs are looking to find work for September.

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You should be familiar with the initiatives in your school board, although in my experience they can be hard to locate. Occasional Teacher day to day supply teacher LTO: Offer pieces to view as you answer questions e.

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You will most likely be interviewed by the principal and one or two vice-principals. It might also be a good spot to explain where you see yourself going; how does the current position applied for fit into your long-range plan?

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Even though you sent them in electronically when you applied to the post, the admin team may not have a printed copy in front essay instructions evaluate them during the interview. Long Term Occasional a teacher hired for a duration of minimum 10 days and maximum of one semester.

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I see to remember hearing that you have to have at least 4 months in an LTO position in order to qualify for a contract position. To get a specific contract position:

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Facial hair should be nicely groomed. Your portfolio tagged with specific pieces you plan to show; lesson plans, unit plans, student work, student feedback, etc.